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Long before St. Peter the Fisherman was established on July 11, 2000 and officially named in November of the same year (the name chosen by the parishioners to reflect the nautical heritage of the county), many Pamlico County Catholics gathered and worshiped and prayed for the time when they would have a church of their own.  Initially people gathered in someone’s home and as time went on and for a number of years Masses were held at the United Methodist Church in Oriental.  The Catholic community was growing with the influx of retirees from the northeast and the need for a larger worship space that could also provide fellowship and religious education was recognized.

With the parish founding in 2000, Sister Maria Goretti Timperio, IHM was appointed Pastoral Administrator and Father Frank Stangl of Rocky Mount came to celebrate Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.  During the summer of that year, a Finance Committee and Parish Council were formed.  In December the Parish House on Broad Street, Oriental was purchased with a loan from the Diocese.

In April 2001, Father Carlos Arce, OFM replaced Father Stangl as our Sacramental Minister and in August of that summer twelve acres of land on White Farm Road were acquired as the site for a future church complex.

Upon the reassignments of Sister Maria and Father Carlos, Monsignor Gerald Lewis, retired Vicar General of the Diocese was named Administrator.  In July 2003 he took up residence at the Broad Street Parish House where he also celebrated Mass and Communion service during the week, Sunday Mass continued at the Oriental United Methodist Church.

A successful capital campaign and the determination of the parishioners lead to the blessing of the twelve-acre site on White Farm Road and groundbreaking, presided by Bishop F. Joseph Gossman on March 12, 2004.

The completion of St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church was truly a hand’s on effort made possible by the dedication and talents of the parishioners.  Monsignor Gerald Lewis held the first Mass on December 19, 2004 in the newly completed building. 

Growth continues from the increase in parishioners, handicap ramps, a Spanish Mass, the establishment of an Ecumenical Community Outreach Programs and the completion of a cemetery.  We are growing spiritually as well by offering more services to our parishioners. Our doors are open to the influx of many visitors throughout the year.  We celebrate baptisms, communions, weddings, wedding anniversaries and the celebrations of life.  We frequently host the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service, which includes the Pamlico Chorale and the Pamlico Brass. 

Simon Peter, our patron and first among the fishers of men received our prayers by granting us a flourishing place of worship.